Wednesday, October 29, 2003: 7:00 AM-7:30 AM
Room 1 (San Diego Convention Center)
Technology Papers
7:00 AM - 7:04 AMModification of Fibrous Capsule Formation Around Implants Using TempostatinTM (Halofuginone)
Kevin C. Olbrich, PhD, Ricardo A. Meade, MD, William Bruno, MD, Burton M. Sundin, MD, Lior Heller, MD, Detlev Erdmann, MD, Bruce Klitzman, PhD, L. Scott Levin, MD
7:04 AM - 7:05 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:05 AM - 7:09 AMPain Management in Augmentation Mammaplasty: A Randomized Comparative Study of the use of a Continuous Infusion Versus Intermittent Bolus of a Local Anesthetic
Peter T. Pacik, MD
7:09 AM - 7:10 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:10 AM - 7:15 AMDiscussion
7:15 AM - 7:19 AM3D Modeling for Acute Craniofacial Trauma
Jennifer W.H. Chan, MD, Jon Wagner, MD, DDS, Brett Baack, MD, George Brown, MD, James Kelly, PhD, Keikhosrow Firoozbakhsh, PhD
7:19 AM - 7:20 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:20 AM - 7:24 AMThree Dimensional Total Body Imaging to Calculate Total Body Surface Area Burned in Acute Burn Injury
Emmanuella Joseph, MD
7:24 AM - 7:25 AMSpeaker Turnover
7:25 AM - 7:30 AMDiscussion
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