Sunday, October 26, 2003: 2:00 PM-2:25 PM
Room 2 (San Diego Convention Center)
Craniomaxillofacial/Head and Neck Papers
Chair:Robert A. Hardesty, MD
2:00 PM - 2:04 PMTissue-Engineered Flexible Ear-Shaped Cartilage
Timothy Shane Johnson, MD, Jian-Wei Xu, MD, Shehan Hettiaratchy, MD, Pejman M. Motarjem, BA, Christian Weinand, MD, Mark A. Randolph, MAS, Michael J. Yaremchuk, MD
2:04 PM - 2:05 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:05 PM - 2:07 PMDiscussion - Michael Yaremchuk, MD
2:07 PM - 2:11 PMNeonatal Distraction Surgery for Micrognathia Reduces Obstructive Apnea (OA) and the Need for Tracheotomy
William S. Wittenborn, MD, Jayesh Panchal, MD, Jeffrey L. Marsh, MD, Krishnamurthy Sekar, MD
2:11 PM - 2:12 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:12 PM - 2:16 PMIncidence and Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Following Sphincter Pharyngoplasty
Delora L. Mount, MD, Jeffrey L. Marsh, MD, Judith M. Gurley, MD, Lynn Marty-Grames, MA
2:16 PM - 2:17 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:17 PM - 2:21 PMNeonatal Airway Obstruction Relieved by Internal Mandibular Distraction Osteogenesis
James P. Bradley, MD, Keith Izadi, MD, DDS, Robert Yellon, MD, David Mandel, MD
2:21 PM - 2:22 PMSpeaker Turnover
2:22 PM - 2:25 PMDiscussion - Robert Havlik, MD
Sponsor:Cranio/Maxillofacial/Head & Neck

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