Tuesday, October 28, 2003: 2:30 PM-3:30 PM
Room 2 (San Diego Convention Center)
Panel: Microsurgery (or not) in the 21st Century
This panel will focus on practical issues relevant to the performance of microsurgical procedures in clinical practice. Presentations by the panelists will address these questions amd issues regarding microsurgical flap reconstruction: 1) Are microsurgical outcomes better or do we just think so? What real data do we have? 2) Billing and coding microsurgery: Pointers to pay for doing microsurgery. 3) Doing a free flap or doing a non-free flap - Why only a microsurgeon knows, and 4) The practical employment of microsurgery in a clinical practice, the team, the post-op care and other fine points to make it work.
Panelists:Keith E. Brandt, MD
Roger K. Khouri, MD
Joseph J. Disa, MD
Moderator:Raymond M. Dunn, MD

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